Info for Health Professionals

We recognise that the client’s General Practitioner is the primary health provider responsible for the management of headaches. Our program is complementary to management by GP’s, not in place of it.

GP’s are central: Assessing for serious medical conditions, establishing a diagnosis where possible, medication management, referral for specialised testing and to medical specialists, as well as overseeing the management of co-existing illnesses, such as the patient’s psychological state.

The Headache Centre Geelong offers GP’s a service by providing a structured, targeted assessment of their patient’s headaches. We assess for possible musculo-skeletal, environmental, behavioural, physiological and psycho-social causes of headache and report these to their GP.

With the client’s permission we provide their GP with an Initial Assessment summary and Recommended Action Plan after their first visit, whether they have been referred, or present themselves.

We establish if the client would benefit from manual therapy and then provide that through treatment by one or more of our therapists, who specialise in headache management.

We also provide advice about lifestyle and behaviours.