Headache Treatment Program

Headache Centre Treatment Program

Important Symptoms

Our first role is to try to identify and refer clients that have symptoms which require a medical assessment.

Subjective (verbal) Assessment

We assess for potential environmental triggers such as allergies, foods, cold etc. We also assess for behavioural issues such as dehydration, sleep, eating and working patterns, as well as physiological issues like posture and hormonal influences and psychological issues such as stress. The client’s medication regime is also recorded. We use our own Headache Centre Questionnaire. We also ask clients use a Headache Diary, the current ‘Gold Standard’ of headache recording. Note: We do not advise clients to alter their prescription medication regime. We will make suggestions to their GP regarding medication usage, if we feel it is appropriate.

Objective Assessment

We undertake a thorough physical assessment of the client’s upper trunk, neck, jaw and head. We look at posture, anatomical movement, joint function, neural tension and muscle tone and function.

Treatment Intervention Program

We use our Headache Diary, Headache Questionnaire, Subjective and Objective findings to develop a treatment intervention program. It includes:

Referrals We recommend to our client and their GP relevant referrals to a range of multi-disciplinary providers for further assessment and treatment. We also refer in-house for myofascial assessment and treatment.

Physiotherapy – If indicated, initial treatment will be undertaken including manual therapy, postural re-education and exercise prescription. The physiotherapist will also provide advice regarding behavioural and lifestyle issues.

Myofascial therapy – a Headache Centre myofascial therapy assessment is usual, and treatment from our myofascial therapist is common. There is a known high incidence of ‘myofascial trigger point’ involvement in headache and myofascial pain often overlays other types of headache. Dry needling may also be used to treat myofascial pain.

Reporting to GP’s

With the clients approval an Initial Assessment Report and Recommended Action Plan is forwarded to our client’s GP. The client also receives the Recommended Action Plan.

Headache Management Plan

An ongoing Headache Management Plan is given to the client and sent to their GP at the conclusion of the treatment program, or at 6 weeks if treatment continues.

Research/Statistical Analysis

We use a Standardised Outcome Measure, for statistical analysis of treatment efficacy. We plan to follow up our clients 6 months after the initial intervention to re-assess their standardised outcome measures.