Geelong’s FIRST Specialised Headache Treatment Centre Opens

Geelong’s first dedicated Headache Treatment Centre, officially opens its doors this week.

Local physiotherapist and ‘Headache Centre Geelong’ owner, Rick Clingan, said our new centre offers a detailed assessment and treatment program to help ease the pain of headache sufferers.

This type of specialized headache treatment is new and only found in a few capital cities.

The Headache Centre program is designed to help people who suffer from re-occurring headaches. Headache can be a sign of a serious medical condition, so it is important to see your Doctor first, for any new or unusual headaches.

Medication has traditionally been the main treatment, ranging from simple over-the-counter analgesics to serious drugs, often with side effects. “But there are other treatments and strategies that can help as well,” said Rick.

Headaches can have many causes and influences. The Headache Centre a comprehensive assessment that includes factors such as possible triggers, stress, posture, medication, lifestyle and behaviors.

“We also establish if the client would benefit from manual therapy and then provide that through treatment by one or more of our specialised therapists.”

“Our program provides a service for Geelong’s General Practitioners (GP’s) to help them manage their client’s headache,” said Mr Clingan

“Other individual health practitioners sometimes treat patients with headache, but our service is different because we have a multi-layered in-house approach and we only treat headache. We also have a network of practitioners to refer to if needed, from different fields, who specialise in headache management.”

Mr Clingan said, “Headache assessment and management is complex, so our appointments are generally longer than standard clinical consultations, and we use a variety of tools such as headache diaries, questionnaires and rating scales, to help direct treatment and measure the outcomes.”

“Not all headaches can be relieved by manual therapy, but most headache sufferers will get benefit from our program. At the very least we can provide them with a comprehensive assessment and education about their headaches, and advice regarding how to help manage them.”

“We are delighted to be able to offer Geelong residents this specialised service,” said Rick

The Headache Centre Geelong is located at 47 Thomson Street, Belmont and is open from Monday to Friday. For client appointments or more information please call 5243 0484, or visit the Headache Centre Geelong website:

If a patient is covered for Physiotherapy, Myotherapy or Psychology rebates through their private health fund, the Headache Centre Geelong offers HICAPS facilities, so patients can usually process their claim at the time of their consultation.


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For further information or to arrange an interview with Rick Clingan please contact:
Simone Ferrier
Marketing and Communications Manager
Headache Centre Geelong
T: 0412 576 772